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ORWO leader film LF 10 is a fogged, light struck leader, emulsion coated for multiple applications. LF 10 can be used as wrote head or tail leader strip during the printing processes, as protection for original film, as machine leader in processing machines, or as head and tail leader for projectors or Steenbeck / Moviola editing machines. 

When developed in b/w developer (in the light) it yields a black emulsioned leader which can be used for cameraless film (scratching into the emulsion). When fixed with any proprietary fixer it provides a clear emulsioned leader for painting / drawing / collaging onto film.


For examples of both please click here, and for more information please see datasheet LF10 here.

This stock is available in the following formats and lengths:

16mm 2000ft can (on core)
16mm 1000ft can (on core)

35mm 2000ft can (on core)

35mm 1000ft can (on core)


To order please email: or call 07548125450.

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