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ORWO positive Print Film PF2 (V3) is a high quality fine grain orthochromatic print stock with excellent resolving power for the production of outstanding black and white prints from regular negatives, but its design parameters go further to excel particularly in meeting to specialized needs of professional film archives, where is performance further enables to spanning of areas of extreme contrast on the original negative, delivering prints with an excellent grey tonal scale range.

PF2 (V3) incorporates the highest contrast of standards required for modern print material and archive work, having a polyester base, a coating that is inherently scratch resistant, and incorporating an anti-halation layer which clarifies during processing. An anti-static layer further guarantees printing without attracting  an electrostatic charge, and provides for dust limitation during film projection.


This stock is excellent for affordable experimental darkroom work, for example in producing photograms. As PF2 (V3) is orthochromatic it can be handled and used with photographic / red safe lights. Please click here for a datasheet on this stock.


Please click the image to the left for examples! 

The stock is available in the following formats and lengths: 

16mm 4000ft can (on core)

16mm 2000ft can (on core)
16mm 1000ft can (on core)

35mm 2000ft can (on core)

35mm 1000ft can (on core)

To order please email: or call 07548125450.

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